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Mistolin products

With our cleaning products you can keep your home

clean. In addition to that your home will smell

spectacular with our fragrances.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Our multipurpose cleaners give you a pleasant

fragrance that spreads throughout the house and an impeccable cleaning all in one.


Glass cleaner

The crystals and mirrors in our home are very

important as they give good appearance to the home and brightness, but they

accumulate dust for that reason you have to keep them

impeccable and with our glass cleaner you can achieve it.


Diswashing liquid

Do you like that your crockery is impeccable?

With our scrubbing liquid they will be shiny and free of dirt and grease.

Mistolín 007

With our Multi Purpose Cleaner you can clean all surfaces

from your home to the dirtiest parts of your car.


Other sizes available